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We are passionate about the traditional harp and harp education.

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I have been passionate about the traditional harp for as long as I can remember and am delighted to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to a new generation of harpists.

Sharon Carroll, founder, Carroll School of Harp


Passionate about the Harp

Sharon Carroll has played and studied the traditional harp from a very young age. Captivated by the sound and feel of the music, she has been playing professionally for many years now and her playing has featured on many film soundtracks and television programmes. She has played for heads of state and performed with musicians such as Brian Kennedy.
A professional educator and teacher (BSc, MA, PGCE), Sharon has brought a professional approach to her harp teaching and knows how to get the best from all of her students. Her easy manner and encouraging tone has enabled students to progress beyond their wildest dreams and the tributes to her teaching have been numerous.

Sharon's students have excelled in their studies, and she has students who are playing professionally and studying at university, and at Cheathams Music School in England. She has also helped adult learners achieve their potential and surpass even their wildest expectations on the instrument.

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Getting things right from the very start will help you progress more quickly and build a greater foundation for more advanced playing and performing.


Continuing students

Building on the solid foundations and developing repertoire, continuing students are able to see a continuing improvement when others have reached a dead end in their playing.



Advanced harpists get further development in their repertoire and are introduced to more advanced pieces, musical knowledge and playing techniques. Make no mistake, this level requires dedication and application to achieve.



The Carroll School of Harp offers performance training, workshops and opportunities. There's no point knowing a thousand tunes if you're too shy to perform them!


Music Theory

Whilst focussing on the traditional harp, the Carroll School of Harp recognises that students need a basic understanding of music to allow them to reach their potential. Which is why we offer music theory lessons for all our students.



Many people can play tunes, but only the select few can compose them. The Carroll School of Harp can unlock the potential of the "O'Carolans" out there. Featuring lessons from a songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist whose compositions are regularly played on radio around the world.

We at the Carroll School of Harp are dedicated to the teaching and promotion of the traditional harp as an instrument of beauty and grace. We hope you can take the time to find out your own potential on this wonderful instrument!

Harp Ensemble

A Harp Ensemble for all Levels

Sonas, The Carroll School of Harp Ensemble adds another exciting level to the School's performances. Open to students of all abilities, the traditional harp ensemble will prepare students for group performance and will spur each performer's development - as well as producing beautiful harp melodies and arrangements.
An exciting time has been planned for Sonas and will feature performances, workshops and recordings - a busy programme of activities! Initial performances was held in aid of Newry Hospice and we'll have loads of video and photos soon along with details of new performances!
You can find more information at the Sonas Harp website: www.sonas-harp.com.

The ensemble will meet on selected weekends and the workshops will be 90 minutes to two hours long.

Harp Sales

Sharon Carroll plays and recommends Telynau Teifi harps. Made in Wales to the highest standards and from the finest materials, these instruments are the ultimate in traditional harps. At the Carroll School of Harp we have the full range for students to try and buy!
At a recent traditional music festival, the differences between the Telynau Teifi harps and the others was remarkable - the Teifi harps filled the auditorium with sound while the others got lost or sounded weak; not full and rounded like the students who were using the Telynau Teifi "Gwennol", "Telor" and "Eos" harps

The 30-string "Nico" Harp is Telynau Teifi's newest harp and quite rightly they are very proud if it. Though it has a smaller form, it has a full, rounded sound and can be purchased in levered or unlevered form.
It has a sweet, singing sound and has a loudness that defies its compact size! Though smaller than Telynau Teifi's other harps, make no mistake, this is a top quality instrument.

The "Telor" harp is Telynau Teifi's most recent folk harp. Lighter to the feel than the "Gwennol" or "Eos" harps, the "Telor" has very quickly become a firm favourite with Sharon and her students. The trademark Teifi sound and volume are there, but in a package than can suit the lighter of touch or more subtle player. The "Telor" is a fully levered 34 string harp. Try one now!

The "Gwennol" harp is Telynau Teifi's most popular folk harp and has all the quality and features one expects from Teifi harps. It has a wonderful tone and projection, making it a favourite that can be played from the kitchen to the concert hall!
The 34-string, fully leverd "Gwennol" comes in a choice of woods, and like all Telynau Teifi harps can customised to your individual needs.

The "Eos" is Telynau Teifi's largest folk harp. With a sound that can fill a concert hall and a balanced, full tone, the "Eos" is probably not for beginners! Those looking for a professional harp should try one as soon as possible, however. Sharon switches between the "Telor" and the "Eos" depending on situation and has a fondness for this instrument. Careful technique is needed, but is amply rewarded by the sound that eminates from this harp. A wonderful, wonderful instrument!
This 36-string harp can be purchased with or without a scroll, and can be customised to your taste.

From their unique lever design, to the choice of tone woods used, Telynau Teifi are very proud of their instruments and rightly so. A Telynau Teifi harp, once experienced, can not be easily forgotten!
Have a chat to Sharon or Tom and try these amazing instruments - if you're serious about tone and quality, you will want a harp made by Telynau Teifi!


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